Best mobiles in relation quality-price:

Buying the best smartphone paying as little as possible is an aspiration that anyone wants to fulfill, even if it has a large budget.

But getting the best mobile phone in quality / price ratio is not easy, and with some exceptions, the latest high-end models are not a good choice. Whether you are looking for a new smartphone at the best price, or want to advise on cheap and complete models to family or friends, we suggest a shopping guide with 19 recommended smartphones if you want the best terminal without spending too much . And we have tried them all in Engadget.
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In search of the phone with the best value for money
As we said, in the search for a terminal with good quality / price ratio, high-end models, with some exceptions, are not precisely the ones that stand out the most. They have very important purchase arguments, the best features, design and of course cameras, but the technical difference does not always do justice to the price.